Wednesday, September 11, 2013


It has certainly not been for lack of activities that I haven’t posted in over four months.  My hair continues to grow but is still short, grey and curly (unlike my pre-cancer hair which was mostly straight with some waves) and my energy level continues to inch upward.  We are on vacation now, our first in almost a year.  I love vacations with my family.  The energy-sapping challenges of travel with six young children have changed.  Our “young” children today, housed in men’s bodies, still require supervision and help but nothing like the olden days.  Most of our trips were by car to visit relatives who lived out of state but about every other year we flew.  There was not a phone in the entire airport Phil did not like.  But because it was not an important point of interest for the rest of us we did not know the location of phones and so it required a manhunt for him in the midst of trying to check in.  Clark, Mr. Black and White, knew that what Phil was doing was not okay.  It caused stressed-out parents who now snapped at anyone who even looked like they might seek their own interests over group unity.  Phil still likes phones.  To the casual observer it looks like he is carrying on a conversation with someone.  We know where to look for him today.  And with cell phone popularity there are just not many public phones.  We have discovered that Phil when left alone keeps his eye on the rest of the family (we may not be able to see him but he can see us) and shows up at the last minute to join us in boarding the plane.