Sunday, February 19, 2012

Silence for Four Weeks

No—we have not been on vacation, so what has happened?  I have no one to blame but myself for not posting for four weeks.  It has been busy as usual.  I was going to say not any more so than usual but we have had our youngest, her husband and their two very young sons here for over two weeks.  They will be here until April plus she just gave birth two days ago (ten days over) to their third child.  It’s still no excuse.  Since I last wrote bowling has come to an end.  Practice for track and field will begin in March, twice a week, until the first weekend in June and then softball until bowling starts again in August.  Here are some significant things that have happened in the past month (besides the most important—the birth of our 8th grandchild):

1.       We saw another neurologist for Clark, one that has a specialty in epilepsy and clinical neurophysiology.  We think he will be Clark’s neurologist from now on.

2.      We have already phased Clark out of one medication he has taken for years and started him on another.  He is still on a total of four seizure medicines that he takes twice a day.  Even with all that he still has about eight seizure days a month.

3.      Phil is out of his bedroom until further notice.  He is Mr. Organized so it is amazing that he is doing as well as he is with many of his things in disarray.

4.      Paul and I are teaching a marriage class every Wednesday evening until the end of April.

5.      I spoke to a group (Seattle Organization for Jews with Disabilities) for two hours on Fragile X Syndrome.  I have a PowerPoint presentation that I gave two years ago to another group that works well and that I thoroughly enjoy giving.

New Mom and baby are in the hospital until tomorrow so we have had responsibility for caring for two very active boys, three years old and 21 months.  I laughed as we were headed to church this morning.  Phil was wedged in between two car seats eating Cheerios with his two nephews.