Friday, March 4, 2011

Phil's Assistant

Before nieces and nephews started arriving on the scene almost seven years ago Paul and I wondered how Clark and Phil would handle them. Would they be patient and gentle? Would they know what to do if one of them did something wrong? What if a situation required a judgment call (a toddler goes outside by herself when no one else notices), what would they do? Very few concerns have materialized. Most of the time we are amazed at how well they both do. Clark has more patience than most of us when trying to calm a crying baby and is willing to walk around or rock one for a long time. One day last year we were able to capture on video a sweet situation. I had asked Phil to take everything out of the “can cupboard” in the kitchen so I could wipe down the shelves and reorganize. Here is what happened.


  1. That's so sweet. But I bet that now, every time that little guys comes to Grandma's house he wants to empty the can cupboard. :-)