Saturday, March 19, 2011

"Let me tell."

A couple of months ago a friend gave us a large stack of discs with every episode of Green Acres. It aired from 1965-1971, my college and early marriage years—a time when I watched very little television. I was aware of the show but it was one I would not have chosen to watch so when we received all episodes as a gift I said to my family “Count me out. You can watch it when I am not at home.” That day soon came when the rest of the family watched episode after episode in one sitting. I returned home later in the evening and was told by an enthused foursome that I should give the show a try while they laughed together telling me the funny things that happened. “Okay,” I thought “I will watch one episode. That’s all.” That was 108 episodes ago. I am hooked. When I read a review of the series that said it appealed not only to adults but to children because of its silliness and slapstick, I thought “That’s me. I have always liked I Love Lucy.” So, most nights you will find us laughing together as we watch an episode or two. What a great way to end the day (besides reading in bed before the light is turned off).

Last night Paul had some things to do at his desk so the rest of us went downstairs to watch two episodes. This morning around the kitchen table while we ate breakfast, we talked about Green Acres. Phil waved his arm in the air “Let me tell. Let me tell.” so we let him tell what he could while we all chimed in laughing and adding details, almost enjoying it more in the retelling.

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