Monday, March 14, 2011

Errands with Clark

Clark was out of spending money so that would be one of our errands—first to the bank to deposit checks for me and to get money for Clark out of his account, then to the library to pick up a book which I had placed on hold and finally to the post office to mail two packages. It would take about an hour with travel time and should be a fun time with just Clark. I was hoping it would also break his perseveration. All morning he had been talking to me about a motor home he wants to buy when he has enough money. It was a one-sided conversation on a topic which has been popular for a few years. I did not anticipate problems as we pulled out of the garage but we encountered a major one as soon as we tried to use the ATM machine at the bank. I let Clark put in his card and then I punched in his pin number. I checked his balance and decided to take money out of his checking account. I punched in the amount. The machine commanded me to take the money. The door opened and closed, opened and closed but no money appeared. The camera would show Clark and me bent over to better examine the door and leaving with nothing. We went in the bank and explained the situation to three individuals. There would have to be an internal investigation. Clark left empty handed. Now he had something new to perseverate about, plus anxiety, plus something new and unpleasant outside the norm. His knuckles were white, his brow was furrowed. I was glad to get out of the van alone to mail the packages. When I returned to the van I turned on music which silenced him. A few days later the money was put back in his account but today a letter arrived informing us that the bank needed time to perform their investigation. I am not telling Clark.

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