Monday, April 5, 2010

Time to Refresh

It was time today for the semi-annual refreshing of our 72-hour kits. I was told many years ago by a woman in charge of emergency preparedness in our city that in case of a major earthquake we should not expect help of any kind for 72 hours and so we had better be prepared to take care of ourselves. We are trying but hope that we never have to find out just how prepared we are. A few years ago we collected discarded backpacks our kids used in high school and filled them—one for each of the five of us living under one roof. Some of the items are peanut butter, raisins, hot chocolate packets, granola bars, hot cereal packets, beef jerky, fruit leather, hard candy, emergency flashlights and radio, toilet paper, pads of paper, pencils, candles, matches, a few packets of water, emergency blankets, and so on. Clark and Phil helped bring in the backpacks from the garage, replaced the October ‘09 items, and then took them back to the garage where the backpacks hang on hooks. It is a good feeling to know we are prepared for the next six months.

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