Saturday, March 27, 2010

Learning Outside the Bathroom Door

I was just headed downstairs to go for my daily walk when I heard a voice from the bathroom. I stood outside the door and could hear singing. It was Phil. After listening to a few bars of la, la, la I heard him say “It is March and after March is May…no, no, April. After March is April!” I occasionally overhear conversation. Today I was waiting for more when the door swung open and I was caught. He stood there mostly dressed, acting like it was no big deal that I am always standing outside the bathroom door. He leaned over to let me smell his just-washed hair. “Ahhhh, so fresh!” I told him. “Yes, I am fresh.” he will sometimes tell me. This smelling of the hair has been going on for years ever since he switched to Suave shampoo, green apple, or White Rain, apple blossom. Now it is tradition and I am the only one allowed to do the sniffing.

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