Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"Will you miss me?"

"Will you miss me when I move out?" That’s the question Phil asked me as I sat at the computer and he sat at my desk. He has asked me before but not very often. I usually have questions after offering assurance that I will indeed miss him.
“Where are you going to live?
“I’m going to buy a house…close by.”
“Where are you going to work?”
“I don’t know yet.” Later he says “I’ll be the host of Sonny’s Family Feud.”
“How are you going to pay for your house?
“My wife.” (laughter)
“When are you going to get married?”
“In a thousand years or in the millennium.”
“Who’s going to do the grocery shopping?”
“I will…at Sam’s Club.”
“How will you get to ‘teen club’?”
“My own car.”
“What kind of car?”
“A white Ford pickup.” (It used to be a red Toyota pickup.)
“Who will tie your tie on Sunday?”
“My wife.”
“Who will tie your shoes?”
“You will. Call me. I’ll have a computer with Skype and an answering machine.”
He told me to say "The End."


  1. Our daughter N's boy E and Phil have a lot in common! (E's always begging to be taken to his "real" house and his "other" mother)

  2. Oh, Phil. I love his faith--I have no doubt that someday his wife will indeed tie his tie for him, even if it is in a thousand years or in the millenium.