Friday, April 16, 2010

So Much Talking!

Clark came into the study yesterday morning talking and it was like he had been wound up and could not stop. Even when I told him it was quiet time, he could only be silent for a minute before the talking would resume. So when he came into the study this morning talking I decided to type what he was saying. This amounts to about 1% of what he said since I couldn't keep up.

“Tonight’s the night. (Date Night at the Institute) How we set up the tables? (he’s been doing it once a month for over three years) What we have to do is get out of here—at 5:30? It’s totally dark here. (It actually doesn’t get dark until 8:00 this time of year.) We have to turn on the headlights. Who’s going to dump the garbage? (at the end of the evening when we’re cleaning up) Who will? Why you take a picture of me? Why? Look at what your husband is doing. He is spilling on the floor. I think your husband needs a little talk—with him. What time? Oh, we leave here about 5:30 and C. be coming right home. That be good. (sees a journal on my desk) How many names you wrote in there? I love you, Sweetie. We have to pay them $5. The whole thing. You have to pay. Brother B and Sister B have to pay too. She comes in. He just beat you Mom. Your son just beat you home. (Phil did indeed beat me in going for a walk.) How’s my eyes look? There’s something on your eye. Take out a wash cloth—it doesn’t hurt. How we going to do this tonight? (Clark, can you please stop talking! Paul says. Later, I turn around and notice the earphones he has put on.) Look your wife is working really hard. She is typing on the computer. What lesson you talking about? Whose name is that (points at his and chuckles)? Oh T., you see him? What T. say to you? Did you show him the fish at Dr. P’s? I have him. Ow! Mom? I just hit my toe. Bang. (It actually happened the day before.) I walked all the way to the B.s house. I love you, Mom. (leaves for a few minutes and comes back with Care Bear cards) Your husband’s going crazy. He’s eating too much food. He’s eating Cheerios. He get sick eating too much food. Chatter lips. (He then looks out the window.) Mom, look at the lawn out there. It’s coming pretty good. (gets a family photobook off the shelf) Oh look. That’s right. What? Ah, look. How cute. He’s holding my shirt. Yep. That’s right. There’s our room. There I am. C. be coming up with us? I think he will. What this book cost? I could pay one. Where’s you get it at? At the little store. The bookstore. Just like this? (leaves again and then returns) Philip going to be showering in C.’s room. Why? Sometimes I get scared. Just sitting there. Now, wait a minute. I think C. put in the wrong medicine. (for his seizures) Please, Mom, I don’t want to get sick anymore. Hey, wait. That’s the day we’re traveling to I.F...."

He’s quiet now and drawing a picture (Moses he tell me).


  1. I'm thankful that I have heard Clark speak, so I can "hear" this in his voice. (I assume it hasn't changed much in 7 years). It is exhausting to read; I imagine it's even more exhausting to listen to and try to give some sort of response.

  2. You are right--it can be exhausting. It is also hard finding the balance between letting him talk and also having some quiet time. I was surprised at the sentence structure and the way he speaks.