Tuesday, December 6, 2011

A Night at the Theater

We took Clark and Phil to The 5th Avenue last Friday night to see Cinderella. It was a wonderful evening despite Phil’s day-long predictability “I’m not going!”. He means it. We don’t take him too seriously, however, because we know his pattern. He has said this for years. When he finally gets dressed (no jeans, shorts or tennis shoes allowed) he settles down. The boys don’t care that “after two thousand years of being passed down orally from generation to generation, Cinderella was escorted into the world of fine literature by Charles Perrault, whose writings started a new genre, the literary fairy tale.” When we got seated Phil became so excited. when he noticed two large monitors facing the stage by the balcony showing the conductor leading the orchestra. He sat sideways (we were on the 2nd row) so he could watch the monitors and also see the stage. People in back of us would turn to see what he was looking at and silently wondered why he was so interested in that. We knew. I know few people who can clap as loud as Phil can and he had numerous opportunities to demonstrate his talent. He joined the standing ovation at the conclusion. As we drove home, we knew it was unanimous; it was a great evening. As we drove down our street about 11:00 Clark asked if we could now watch an episode of Psych. What?!!

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