Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Chores

“Clark, take your sheet and pillowcase off your bed so I can wash them—also your pajamas.”

“You just did wash them.”

“You are right, I did but that was last week and we wash sheets every week.”
He continues to stand by me, no movement to go to his room.

“I’m excited to visit Brett.” Clark informs me.

I count on my fingers “That’s not for another six months.” Too bad we couldn’t have kept the trip a secret. Now we will talk about it almost every day for six months. I’m glad he is excited and I am excited for the trip but I am not excited talking about it every day.

“Mom, what kind of Christmas present you want? What kind of book you like to read?” He goes to our bookcase, picks out a book and asks if I want that for Christmas.

“I already have that book.” He knows I like books so that was a thoughtful idea.

“Mom, tell Phil to turn down the TV. David (our neighbor) will hear.” In the background from downstairs we can all hear Phil whooping and hollering because the showcase is on The Price Is Right. Soon we hear loud laughter getting closer as Phil comes upstairs to tell us that “she won both showcases.”

“Whoa, that is really exciting! I wish I’d seen that.” I tell Phil. The laughter continues. The message has been delivered so he goes back downstairs. Meanwhile Clark declares that he is hungry and goes downstairs without going to his room to get his sheet and pillowcase. I’m hungry so maybe I’ll join him for a late breakfast.

Two hours later…

“Clark, take your sheet and pillowcase off your bed…”

“Mom, you have a headache?”

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