Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Very Happy Birthday

As I walked through the kitchen this evening to get to the garage (on my way to a Christmas Music Fireside) I noticed Clark’s birthday banner still hanging above the kitchen table.  Thursday was Clark’s birthday.  We knew he was excited because he talked about it every day for many, many days and then would ask “Are you excited for my birthday?”  Birthdays are exciting around here and begin as soon as the birthday boy or girl awakens.  “Happy Birthday” is spoken many times during the day.  Lunch on this particular birthday was a trip downtown with Dad to eat lunch with #2 son who works there.  Then at 6:00 the party began with requested hamburgers, chips and potato salad.  Phil was the chef and the burgers were pronounced delicious!  Then came the opening of gifts—a 100-piece puzzle, Cars 2 DVD, National Geographic DVDs, three packs of gum and a note with an invitation for a future golf outing with #2 son.  Finally it was time for cake, a requested train cake.  I chuckled as I read online that “Your preschooler will chuggah chuggah choo choo all the way with this choo choo train birthday cake.”  My “preschooler” loved it.

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