Sunday, August 28, 2011

A New Tradition

Vacations are made for memories. On our most recent vacation we began what I think will become a tradition. Here is what I had to say last month. “Today it was a two-hour bike ride on the paved trail along the ocean which started out on a sour note. I failed to keep track of Philip and, as a result, we spent a considerable amount of time and energy looking for him. What’s new? We often lose him. You would think we would just expect it and increase our vigilance but we forget how slithery he is. Since he can never explain where he was when he wasn’t with us Paul and I try to put together a scenario that satisfies our curiosity. Usually a threat works after that—no ice cream tonight (a nightly treat while we are on vacation) if you do not stay with us until we return the bikes. He stayed with us until the bikes were returned but in his hurry to get back to our unit so he could watch TV he missed out on huge snow cones (shaved ice at Ono’s) with ice cream in the middle which delighted the tongue while cooling us off.”


  1. Pat! I have been reading your blog forever, and didn't realize it when I met you! Hello! Hope you are doing well.....

  2. It was good to meet you. I am sure our fragile X paths will cross again.