Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Exercising Still Required

A vacation is no excuse for not exercising and that included Clark and Phil who were required to walk every day. Excuses were abundant “But we’re on vacation.” “It’s too hot.” “My feet hurt.” “I don’t want to.” until they realized we meant what we said. They had to walk 1 ½ miles on a path that ran in front of where we were staying. “Okay,” we told them “you only have to walk to ‘Cat in the Hat’ and then you can come back.” Since they didn’t know what we were talking about we walked with them the first time to point out the turnaround point (1 ½ miles roundtrip).
Phil is a no nonsense guy. If he knows he has to do something he gets up and gets going so when he would leave Clark behind Clark decided he would rather walk three miles with Paul and me than 1½ miles on his own. There was an unexpected bonus to walking with us. He could throw rocks to the rocks below when we stopped to watch the ocean. It was a good vacation with a few miles put on our feet.

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