Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Apology

When our doorbell sounded a few days ago I opened the door to a neighbor who stood there with tears in her eyes. She wanted to talk to Clark. She told me she had been unkind to him and wanted to apologize. She admitted that all his talking drives her crazy. I was surprised at her honesty but went on to agree that there are times when it drives me crazy. It’s like a scratched vinyl record. The needle tries to move on but keeps falling back into the scratch and repeating over and over until you lift the needle. Clark and I had stopped to talk to her a few days ago. She was complaining about an acquaintance who she was very annoyed with and ended up calling him a swear word. Clark cannot tolerate swear words. He started to lecture her and I had an obligation I had to get to so I left. That’s when she must have been unkind. I called Clark to come downstairs to talk to her. He asked me to leave. I did. Soon she was gone and Clark was telling what a nice person she was and that he gave her a hug. He has always been quick to forgive.