Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Wonderful Summer Day

I love Special Olympics! I’ve said it before and you will hear me say it again. I especially love it on a warm spring or summer day. At 7:00 this morning I went downstairs and found Clark sitting on the couch, dressed and ready to go. We wouldn’t leave for another 1 ½ hours. Even then we arrived early for the district softball tournament. It gave Clark and Phil time to hang out with friends and it gave Paul and me time to sit in the shade and read before their first game. Because we don’t expect their team to play like professionals we get very excited over many small things that they do like getting a hit or catching a ball or throwing the ball and putting someone out. They played three games spread out over the day so Paul and I had time for a short snooze, time to watch people, time to drive to Taco Bell for lunch (the teams were fed at the ballpark), time to visit with friends we have made over the years, and time for more reading on the grass with bare feet. Soon the games were over and the awards given (their team received the bronze in their division and will not be going to state), pictures taken and we were driving back home, exhausted and happy. In another year we will be back again, doing the same thing and loving it as much.

Clark made it to first a couple of times.

Phil loves the catcher's gear.

My two amazing sons.

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