Sunday, July 24, 2011

We're Home!

After over a month away from home and sporadic Internet service we are home—to all that awaits when you’ve been away for that long. It has been said that a vacation (actually all of our time away was not vacation, some was volunteer work) is most needed when you’ve just returned from one. Just because you are away does not mean that everything will come to a standstill. The fact is we’re not feeling too sorry for ourselves, just overwhelmed. I’ve noticed that Clark and Phil do not feel the weight. They adjust quite easily. Life just goes on for them, only in a different location. Their anxiety manifests itself in the transition from one location to another. And for them it is really good to be home as long as they are with us. I wrote and took pictures while we were gone which I will post over the next week or two.

Of course the lawn refused to stop growing while we were gone. Our #2 son mowed part of the lawn while we were gone but the lawnmower broke. Fortunately a new one had already been purchased but needed to be put together when we got home. Here is Phil, who always mows the lawn, receiving instructions on using the new mower.

The garden which we didn't plant this year was thick with weeds. A few volunteer tomato plants were found in the growth.

While doing yard work time was taken to eat and watch a Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert. Clark didn't last very long.

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