Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Phil's Agenda

“Get away from me. I have a show to do.” This was said with laughter, yet firmness, as Phil ran away from Paul and planted himself in front of the TV. Paul wanted to wrestle but Phil had his own agenda in mind, watching and participating in The Price Is Right. After all, who would announce “Come on down!” with George Gray, the newest announcer. Phil became hooked on The Price Is Right when Grandma moved in with us for just a few months and that was eleven years ago. The two of them would watch together.

Through the years Phil has received many microphones as gifts but his favorite is a drumstick he received from one of his brothers many years ago. He does use a second (gift) microphone for the show case. These two should last him for many years.


  1. This brings back some great memories! I remember Phil doing this while we would have presidency meetings at your house.

  2. Our oldest FX boy (7) has a thing for microphones too! We have several around the house....and he manages to lose them all several times during the day. He's very proud when showing off his 'talent'.