Friday, May 13, 2011

District Track Meet

On one of the most beautiful days of spring we gathered for the district Special Olympics track meet a few miles from our house. What a contrast to one district meet a few years ago when the temperature never left the mid 40s. The wind blew and the rain wouldn’t leave us alone. We were happy to have that day come to an end. But not the district meet this year. No better way to spend a Saturday—watching two of my favorite people competing while feeling the warmth of the sun. Competing is not really an accurate word for Special Olympics. Yes, getting a medal determines whether they will go to state (and we have already been told that both will be going to Ft. Lewis the first Saturday in June) but it is about being with peers, feeling special, hearing the crowd cheer, eating lunch prepared by a local club or church and going home with medals and/or ribbons. Tomorrow is an invitational track meet and according to the weather report we will be watching it in the rain. Clark taking his medals to church so he can show people.

When Phil's brother who lives in Australia saw this video clip he responded with this: "Tell Flip-zip-the-big-fat-lip that he’s a goofball for doing “raise the roof” as he’s coming down the home stretch. Was he racing against a bunch of people on crutches? He had them beat by 100 meters or more. How long was the race?"

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