Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The Invitational

The gift of warmth and a visible sun was ours last Saturday when we went to the invitational track meet. It is a casual event. We dropped Clark and Phil off close to the track and bleachers and went to park. By the time we walked down to the track Clark was running the mile. “What in the world is he doing in the mile?” we asked each other. We soon found out. He was supposed to get in the line for the 100m and by mistake got in the line for the 1600m. He ran much of the first lap but then stood on the sidelines for the next two and joined in for the final lap. We were very proud of him for completing it. I am sure he wondered, but couldn’t verbalize, why his race was going on and on and on. They participated in their regular events—shot put, 200m, 100m and relay. We celebrated a good day for all by going to MacDonald’s for ice cream.

Clark decided against taking his ribbons to church for show and tell.

Phil, without fanfare, quietly deposited his ribbons in the garbage when he arrived home. I guess he has decided that medals are the only ones worth keeping and the Invitational only gives out ribbons.

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