Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Favorite Time of the Day

Bedtime stories have turned into 45 minutes of TV in the evenings we are all at home. We have watched all episodes of Father Dowling, Columbo, Monk, Good Neighbors, Murder, She Wrote, Doc, half of the episodes of The Waltons, many episodes of The Bill Cosby Show and right now we are watching short movies on artists, musicians and scientists. It is one of my favorite times of the day when we lounge around the TV together eating popcorn or applesauce and watching something we all enjoy. It is almost time. Tonight we will watch Leonardo: A Dream of Flight. Sunday we watched conference.
Phil leading the Tabernacle Choir

Every once in a while Clark asks me if his eyes are open or if his eyes are
okay. Sunday was one of those days when he asked over and over. “Yes Clark, your eyes are fine.” I wonder what is going on? What is he seeing? What can't he tell me because he doesn't know how to explain it? He finally asked me about eye drops and left to find some, returning with nose spray and eye drops. I told him what the nose spray was and then put drops in his eye. Later he told me Heavenly Father gave him a blessing and his eye is getting better. He has not mentioned his eye since then.

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