Friday, October 8, 2010

To Anyone Who Has Ever Been Nice to Clark and Phil

Thank you. My heart is always touched when a stranger meets Clark and Phil and treats them as they would anyone else. Such was the case yesterday. We are going to have some of the cracks in the sidewalk along the west side of our house fixed. Most of the cracks we could live with but there are two areas which definitely need repair. Paul called three companies to come, inspect, and give us an estimate. Yesterday it was Robbins and Co. The consultant who came told us he had called the previous day to confirm the appointment and talked to a very friendly person (it could have been either Clark or Phil). David, the consultant, greeted Paul and then Clark and Phil and gave each of them his card. Phil promptly pulled out his wallet and slipped the card in with his other treasures which include current and expired library cards, four identification cards (some with long outdated information), the souvenir room key from an Alaskan cruise we took three years ago, a Sam Goody gift card with less than a dollar on it (Is it even still in business?), three airline cards plus one that has embossed “your name here,” a picture of someone who looks vaguely familiar and more money than I carry in my own wallet. And now he has a new card from a company we may or may not use. It is time to see if I can talk him into cleaning out his wallet. I have my doubts.


  1. That's great - I'd be tempted to go with that company just based on how that guy behaved!

  2. I agree with Bonnie. I've often selected a serviceman based on how nice he was to me or my kids - one of those "gut feeling" things. I figure if I have to be stuck at home with him all day, I want us all to be comfortable.

    And good luck trying to talk Phil into cleaning out any of those treasures from his wallet. They all sound pretty valuable to me!