Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It Was a Happy Birthday

It was a wonderful day yesterday—Phil’s 34th birthday—with a family party starting at 6:00. Unlike last year’s party with all of us here we were minus two families who would have added nine to our group of nine. Most birthday requests are predictable but this year Phil broke with tradition (tacos and a heart cake) and asked for hamburgers and mud pie with his name spelled out in M&M peanuts. His sister made the mud pie which was, of course, a huge success. Candle decoration was provided by the two attendent nieces. Clark donned his green apron and did the barbecuing. His diligence produced perfectly cooked burgers which we raved about. After dinner Phil brought the presents to the table. He received shirts and shorts (which he wears all year regardless of the weather), a DVD (The Prince of Egypt) and a can of cashews and a 2-liter bottle of diet Sierra Mist from Clark. As soon as the wrapping paper was gathered and placed in recycling he went upstairs to put gifts away (that is tradition). Phil with two of his nieces
From my 1987 journal—
"My Phil-Bill is now 11. He chose tacos and a bear cake. After he opened his presents he disappeared. I found him in his room eating his peanuts, listening to his new tape. He was all by himself so I sat on the floor by him while we sang along and he tried on some new socks. He also had his new tape holder and VCR movie which Brian (a friend) gave him."

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