Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The End of a Day

It is the end of a day—9:30 to be exact. Four out of five are either in bed or getting ready for bed. It is earlier than normal but tomorrow will begin at 5:30 a.m. for two of them. We ate dinner at 6:00 on the patio which is on the east side of the house so it is shaded and comfortably warm this time of year. Breakfasts together at our house are sporadic, lunch together is rare but at dinnertime we are almost always together. Tonight was “clean out the fridge night”. This occurs about once a week when there is an accumulation of a little bit of this and a little bit of that in the fridge. The fridge looks so much better now and everyone enjoyed the meal which consisted of pansit, noodle and spinach casserole, green beans, salad for one, cottage cheese with pineapple, sliced and toasted roll with canned chicken and mayonnaise on top. I am glad my family is easy to please. I assembled the dinner while Cherlyn set, Phil cleared, Paul did the dishes and Clark will unload the dishwasher tomorrow morning. It is always a combined effort. Most evenings about 8:30 we eat popcorn and watch a 45-minute program (recorded without commercials) with three on one couch and two on the other. It is a relaxing, peaceful, enjoyable time of the day that I always look forward to. For the past few months we have been watching Doc with Billy Ray Cyrus. When we were given the complete three seasons as a gift I remember saying “You can watch these when I am gone in the evening.” But then I tried one episode and became a fan. I will be sad when we come to the end. By next year, though, we will have forgotten much and can watch again.

Clark invited me to lunch today so I drove and he treated me to a hamburger at a new “Burgers and Shakes” place about three miles from our house. When we came home Clark complained of a sore throat so I gave him some medicine and told him to lie down on the coach. When he actually obeyed, I knew for sure he was not feeling very well. He even fell asleep, putting his head on my shoulder, during Doc. I am the mother of a young child in an adult body and I still worry and check on him.

Phil asked me to play The Price Is Right game someone gave him as a gift. It is an electronic game you connect to the TV so it has the music and an announcer. “Do you know who that is?” Phil asked me. I had no clue. Then he told me. Of course he would know since The Price Is Right is one of his very favorite shows. Fortunately he was ready to quit after about 15 minutes. Then he got out a 300-piece puzzle—Pinocchio. “Come help me.” he said as he spread pieces all over the kitchen table. So I did. I like puzzles. Time for the puzzle will be grabbed in snatches so it will take a day or two to finish. Then we will leave it on the table to feel (I love to run my hand over a finished puzzle and have noticed other family members doing the same thing) and admire.

It has been a good day. The house is quiet and I will get in some reading time as I always do when I finally go to bed.

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