Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Too Much Time to Watch TV

In an effort to help reduce the amount of time Clark and Phil spend watching television Paul and I have been working on a list, a list still in progress which is usable now. They have their daily chores but since they are not employed outside the home they need more. They need chores that

1. Do not require a lot of instruction and
2. Do not require constant supervision

If conditions 1 and 2 are not met the chores become ours and, frankly, we are not looking for additional chores for ourselves at this time.

This list still in progress is posted so that when Paul and I become aware that the TV has been on far too long we can scan the chores and give Clark and Phil an alternative activity. Phil will jump to it and Clark will continue to sit on the couch even though the TV is now off.

So here is our list which does not require a lot of instruction nor constant supervision. Even if the job does not measure up to our standard

1. It doesn’t matter because it will be cleaner (or better) than it was and
2. Over time it will eventually get thoroughly cleaned and
3. They will increase their performance abilities.

Clean window sills throughout the house
Sweep kitchen floor
Clean inside doors
Sweep garage
Blow off porch
Clean baseboards
Clean grout in showers
Water flowers
Clean gutters on the street
Clean bathrooms
Clean dust off tops of books with portable vacuum
Clean microwave
Clean shelves in fridge
Clean fridge doors (outside)
Clean dishwasher, oven doors
Clean top of fridge
Clean bottom cupboards in kitchen
Clean garage doors
Clean front door
Clean glider

When I have time (and even when I don’t), I like to read, but in their defense, Clark and Phil can only read a few words so the TV becomes not only their relaxation but something they enjoy.

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