Sunday, February 28, 2010

A Week in the Lives of Clark and Phil

This is not a complete list but it gives a good idea of the things Clark and Phil are involved in during a week:

Helped carry down boxes from upstairs which were filled with fragile X stuff for our annual conference, loaded the van and then went early with me to Children’s and carried in the boxes and helped set up

Helped set up at our house for a dinner group of 15 plus a family birthday party of nine a few days later (Phil barbecued the pork chops)

Helped with shopping at Sam’s Club and Target

Watched about 20 hours of the Olympics together as a family in the evening

Made popcorn for everyone in the evenings while we watched the Olympics

Made beds

Changed sheets on Monday

Vacuumed their bedrooms on Monday and the upstairs and downstairs on Friday

Cleaned bathrooms

Set the table for meals

Cleared the table daily

Unloaded the dishwasher daily

Helped a new neighbor move in

Went to two doctor appointments

Folded laundry

Helped with yard work

Helped make chocolate chip cookies

Fixed breakfast of bacon and eggs

Got mail daily from our locked mailbox at the end of the street

Washed the cars

Went to church, put up hymn numbers, passed out bulletins, helped with the Sacrament and lead the singingI am very proud of my "boys."


  1. I love reading this blog, and seeing the beauty of your everyday lives. It helps me remember to focus on the small wonders of life. Thank you!

  2. Look at all they accomplish. Productive members of society, indeed.

  3. I appreciate your comments. Thank you!