Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sweetness and Little Cupcake

The bowling season is now over until August when it will start up again. Track and field will start mid-March and end the first weekend in June and then softball will go through the summer. The grand finale for the bowling season was a pizza party at the bowling alley and I got to go. Cherlyn took “the boys” to the bowling alley at 9:00 while I went to the mall with Pip who was shopping for a dress she’ll be able to wear for the rest of this pregnancy. No luck. But that didn’t matter because really it was not the most important reason for going to the mall. We were there an hour and then it was time for me to join the boys for the party. I called Phil (he had my cell phone) to see if the party had begun. When he answered the phone he said “Where are you Sweetness?” I smiled when I heard this endearing name that he occasionally uses for me. He is the only one who can use that name. He is the sender and I am the receiver. I call him “Sonny” and I am the only one who can call him that. I am now the sender and Phil is the receiver. Paul has tried but Phil reminds him “Hey, only Mom can say “Sonny.” Clark started calling me “My Little Cupcake” a few months ago but he is not possessive. I don’t know where they’ve come up with these names that they claim but I like them. They make me feel loved.

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