Friday, February 26, 2010

Another Excursion

Three years have come and gone and it was time again for Clark and Phil to get physicals if they want to participate in Special Olympics. And they definitely do. Today was their day to visit the doctor who is also a personal family friend. The four of us (Paul, Clark, Phil and me) left the house at 9:00 a.m. to drive 45 minutes south to Dr. P.’s office. The ride down did not prepare us for Phil’s behavior when we got there. Once we parked the car though it became evident that he was getting out of control. We all tumbled into the waiting room together, loud and noisy. The receptionist even said “I thought I heard the Tuckers coming.” After getting “The Boys” to open their wallets and give up $12 each for co-pay Phil headed to the children’s corner where there were toys and books. He was interested in a toy computer which spoke loudly to everyone in the waiting room. He set it down and it was immediately snatched up by a two-year old who dragged it with him into another room. Meanwhile Paul and I were filling out forms with at least 200 questions that could not be answered right off the top of our heads. I am still not sure why we told the nurse when she called our name that we would all come together. After the weigh in we were ushered into a 5x5 exam cubicle with only two chairs. It was then that I noticed how serene and peaceful Clark looked, just like we had drugged him. Phil had enough energy and anxiety for both of them. He could not stop talking, his face was flushed and he was touching everything. Finally, when the room temperature reached 90, Dr. P. came in. He has known all of us for years and that is a good thing. He and his wife have eaten at our house and we have eaten at theirs. He spent thirty minutes asking questions before it was time to examine Clark. Phil and I decided to go to the waiting room until it was time for him to be seen. That was a good decision. He calmed down after I got upset with him for not leaving a sample in a cup in the bathroom even after I got him the cup and reminded him of what he was to do. Come to think of it, I don’t think he has ever performed that task. Two hours after we arrived we said good-bye to Dr. P. and went out to lunch in celebration and then home to take a nap.

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