Saturday, April 4, 2009

When dreams don't come true

It’s a good thing all dreams don’t come true; I wouldn’t be raising two sons with fragile X if they did. Now, knowing what I do, some of my teenage dreams seem normal but very shallow. If I didn’t have Clark (the 38 year old) and Phil (the 32 year old) my journal wouldn’t include entries like this one when Phil turned 32 six months ago.

“Phil had a good 32nd birthday with tacos (his choice) and a heart cake with chocolate cake and white frosting and his name in M&M peanuts. Everyone (all six children, three spouses and four grandchildren) was here for the first time in a while. When it was time to sing "Happy Birthday" Phil told us to sing opera (the Happy Birthday song) and then he conducted--holding out some of the notes and having us sing louder. There was rambunctious, loud singing and laughter.”


  1. How fun!! Matty (my fx'er) will be 13 next month. We plan to do a fiesta since he also loves tacos. :)