Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter

Yesterday when I went to the store the clerk wished me a Happy Easter. I liked that but it also caused me to think about what she meant. For many Merry Christmas means “I hope Santa is good to you.” so Happy Easter probably means “I hope the Easter Bunny visits your house with eggs, candy and presents.” Through the years my sweetheart and I have tried to de-emphasize Santa but it is hard when you are in competition with the entire commercial world. When asked, Clark can tell you the real meaning of Christmas immediately but Phil needs a lot of hints. So what about Easter? We decorated eggs a few hours ago because Clark and Phil asked if we could. They loved it. They were excited when I joined them by writing “I love my eternal sweetheart, Clark, Sonny (Philip), Cherlyn” on an egg. They are the ones who still live at home. I just went downstairs to find out what they know about Easter. I said “Why do we celebrate Easter?” Philip told me he didn’t know and Clark already had his hand in the air. I told him just a minute until I finished with Phil. “Phil, when is Easter?” “Sunday.” “Good, so why do we celebrate it? “The Bunny? No, Jesus.” Actually, I was proud of him for at least knowing that Jesus has something to do with Easter. Then I called on Clark who spoke for about two minutes, giving details about Christ’s death on the cross, the tomb, the Resurrection, the apostles. They will search for hidden eggs tomorrow morning and then we will go to church to hear talks and music all about the Savior, the most important message any one of us could hear.

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