Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Passport Time

We posted a free cedar bench two hours ago on Craigslist; then I took Clark, Phil and Cherlyn to the post office a few miles from our house to submit their forms for passports. When we returned I checked my email. There were 65 responses to our ad and now someone will come this evening to pick it up. Amazing! Craigslist—what a wonderful service.

Yesterday the same four as today went to the post office, circled the parking lot twice before finding a spot and then went in and stood in line for 30 minutes. Among other things, it gave us time to listen to the woman two in back of us reprimand and threaten her two boys who looked to be under ten and who kept laughing. I had a nice conversation with the woman directly in back of us about passports. We noticed which of the postal workers looked like they would rather be at home and yet still had two more hours of work. Finally it was our turn. Cherlyn was signaled to a side door. Two minutes later she emerged. We had social security cards, IDs, forms filled out with Passport pictures attached BUT we didn’t have the second picture. We walked outside into the rain and got in our van and went back home.

The sunshine today was a sign that all would go smoothly and we had our second pictures. We had our pick of a parking space. There were only two ahead of us in line. Our postal worker looked stern and slightly grumpy but wasn’t. In fact, he seemed to enjoy helping us and we needed it as we sorted through money so Clark and Phil could pay with cash. Since they can’t read I had to finish up the last of the paper work while Clark and Phil ordered each other to get out of the way so they could get up to the counter. My writing was interrupted a few times so I could remind them to be quiet. Fortunately Cherlyn and Clark finished just as Clark started into a petit mal seizure. I held his hand and talked quietly to him before asking Cherlyn to take him to the van. By the time I got there all was well. As we sat around the kitchen table for dinner Phil said enthusiastically “That was kind of fun” and I agree.

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  1. Pat, I just love your idea for this blog. I have such a special spot in my heart for Cherlyn, Phil, and Clark--I bet I'd feel that way about all of your kids if I'd have gotten to know them, too. Anyway, thanks for this sweet reminder of this important principle. I'm sure I'll need it today and in the weeks and years to come.