Saturday, October 8, 2011

Up the River

Here is something I wrote a while ago about another exciting excursion our family took in July.
"Yesterday was our kayak trip on the Wailea River, Clark and me in one kayak and Paul and Phil in the other. We paddled up the river about 30 minutes and then docked our kayaks on the shore,
along with a dozen other kayaks already there, before we hiked a mile to Secret Falls hidden in the rain forest. A canopy of trees sheltered and shaded us most of the way as we crossed the river holding onto a rope, waded through a stream or two and scaled a steep part of the trail by holding onto tree roots.
It was hard work at times but we were rewarded with a hidden waterfall that falls into an icy-cold pool. In a previous year we swam in it and stood for a few seconds under the falls while it pounded our heads.
Before we started our adventure Phil had separated himself and was sitting on the dock alone. He was solemn and quiet but as soon as we joined him on the dock there were loud outbursts, laughter and slightly out-of-control behavior. “Phil, are you nervous about going in the kayak?” Without hesitation “Yesssss.” Clark’s anxiety showed on his face. We got into our life jackets, slid into the kayaks and were off, Phil laughing and Clark complaining. Clark and I have been partners before. I know the routine. We try to stay in the middle of the river but are soon visiting the vegetation overhanging the river. Clark’s grumbling begins as he tries to get us out of the branches and I start laughing. As soon as we’re out of the vegetation we try again. I’m feeling encouraged when we actually make it 50 yards before we’re back in the vegetation on the other side of river, then a repeat of the grumbling, the laughter. Eventually we make it to our destination, dock our kayaks and begin the trek. Two miles later, two falls on the trail and one fall in the river (Phil yanking on the rope in an attempt to knock Clark off his feet caused him to fall backwards) and many mosquito bites we were ready to tackle the river on our return trip. Clark’s anxiety was at a high. He was threatening to report my laugher to Bishop Biehl. I must admit my patience almost ran out but then the village appeared and we made it back to dry land without landing in the river. It was hard work at times and I was amazed at times at how well Clark and Phil did overall. We’ll do it again someday."
Hard to imagine this happy face looking anxious.

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