Saturday, October 1, 2011

Another Birthday Celebration

A combination of having our #3 son and his family here from Australia for almost two weeks and Paul and me out of town for a few days my writing has been sparse. Before #3 son returned to Australia we celebrated Phil’s 35th birthday two days early. Initially when I told him what I had planned he informed me that the 26th was not his birthday. Then when he realized it was his party and he got to choose the food (tacos) and cake (a heart cake with his name written in M&M peanuts) he got into it. Everyone was there except our youngest and her family of four and #2’s wife who is working on an MBA. We don’t know how to have a quiet party and this one was no exception.
Let the wrestling begin!
Here is Phil's thank you to an aunt and uncle who sent him some money ready to mail. He dictates his message to me. I type it on the computer and then print it. He then copies it onto the card so the thoughts are his and it is written in his own hand.

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