Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Bert and Ernie

My youngest, a daughter who is married with two young children, started a blog about a week ago. I got permission from her to include this post on my blog. Her bedroom was directly across the hall from Clark's and Phil's.

“This video cracks me up!

It reminds me of my 2 older brothers who have fragile x syndrome. Growing up they shared a room. There would be times when we were all in bed and I would hear Phil (he’s Ernie) laughing and making comments to Clark (he’s Bert). Clark wants nothing to do with the conversation cause it’s bedtime and if they don’t go to sleep they will get in trouble. These comments would always egg Phil on to being more loud and obnoxious and sometimes cause him to get up and turn on the light just to bother Clark. Clark’s remarks were much like Bert’s in this video “knock it off, Phil”, “go to sleep, Phil”, “turn off the light, Philip!”, “I’m telling Mom on you and you’re going to be in big, BIG trouble.” 15 years later their comments to each other are still the same :) I sure love my brothers! And they provide for great stories!”

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