Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Chaos and Contentment

It is that time of year again that seems to come more often than every six months. I always start out feeling organized and enthused twice a year as we take out the old and put in the new in our 72-hour emergency backpacks, discarded backpacks from years gone by when our kids were in school. We spread the backpacks out on the ping pong table with each person responsible for one or two. My jobs include buying replacement items and supervising two in particular who are responsible for retrieving the backpacks from hooks in the garage and then returning them when we are finished. I am also the receiver of the old items and the distributor of the new which sounds simple but can quickly descend into chaos. “I need new peanut butter.” comes from one side of the ping pong table. “I need granola bars.” from the other and I am trying desperately to keep the old separated from the new. Why do we put ourselves through this??? Actually that question is simple to answer. We have seen the devastation that comes when an unexpected disaster hits and we want to do our part (which includes Clark and Phil too) so that we could survive for 72 hours.

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