Wednesday, January 26, 2011

State of the Union Haircut

Philip Tucker
January Sonny
Saturday 1-22

I wanted to watch the State of the Union last night and Phil wanted his hair cut. His first message to me came last week when he attached it to my back with tape and then ran out of the room laughing. I told him no. In a few days another note was attached to my back with much laughing. This time I told him yes. I then promptly forgot. Tuesday afternoon when I was preparing dinner Phil prepared for the haircut by getting everything ready. We both won—he got a haircut while we watched the State of the Union address.
Even (anxious) Clark got a haircut.
“I’ll bet you like President Obama’s haircut, don’t you Phil.” I said as I cut his hair.

1 comment:

  1. Good hair, Phil!

    Good cut, Pat!

    The lights dim and everything; listening to the speech: wonderful conditions.