Saturday, January 15, 2011

"I'm so excited!"

There is nothing like having a four or a forty year old at your house to stir up some internal excitement. We were going to an outlet mall and we told Clark he could go too. He would go anywhere as long as he got to be with his parents. In fact, today he was happy he was chosen to go with me to the bread store, Bath and Body Works and Macy’s. Phil, on the other hand, did not want to go to the outlet mall but that is nothing new. He always says “I’m not going.” and when we enforce mandatory attendance he loves it, whether it’s going to Sam’s Club for shopping or to see River Dance at The Paramount or Lion King at The 5th Avenue. So, while we were at the outlet mall and out to dinner Phil was home alone fixing food and watching TV all by himself. If we could have spied on him, I am sure we would have found him cheering and clapping as he watched TV and thoroughly enjoying his time alone. When we pulled in the garage, though, after being gone for six hours the door in to the house opened and there was Phil welcoming us home.

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