Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Middle of the Night

There was no particular incident today that motivated this post. It was a relatively quiet day. Phil vacuumed the upstairs and down the stairs and Clark vacuumed the entire downstairs. Then Phil went out to mow some spots he missed yesterday while Clark went with Paul to see an elderly friend of ours who has always loved gardening but can no longer do much. Paul and Clark mowed his lawn, did a little weeding and then stayed to talk. He is 88, a widower, and life is definitely winding down. They go to his house two or three times a month.

4:15 a.m. We all went to bed at a decent time. I awoke at 2:30 and instead of tossing and turning I came to my desk. Soon Phil was at the door of the study “What are you doing Mom?” I told him I couldn’t sleep and he told me he couldn’t either. Coughing awoke Paul so he joined us in the study and then in came Clark. As Paul was putting on some quiet music he told everyone it was not talking time. Clark has been known to say “I’m not talking to you; I’m talking to Mom.” Phil was carrying around a shower radio to hear what the weather will be today. Now that he knows I think he has gone back to bed. Clark just left the study and returned with lather on his face. He had shaved and will need some tidying up. He hopes to be able to run some errands tomorrow with Paul and I hope to soon follow Phil’s example and go back to bed.

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