Monday, August 23, 2010

A Busy Week

It has been quite a week for Clark and Phil. It was time to get out our (Fragile X Association of Washington State) semi-annual newsletter. Getting over 200 newsletters in the mail shouldn’t take too long. Wrong! Spread out over four days, this project took longer than expected but not as long as it would have if it hadn’t been for Clark and Phil. Clark especially has the patience to sit for hours putting on return labels, stamps, and address labels. Then there is the stuffing of the envelopes. No one wants to lick the flap so out come the glue sticks. Phil makes one swipe with the glue stick and then folds over the flap. Clark on the other hand, because of his perseveration, goes back and forth with the glue stick five times. I counted. We are finished now and all newsletters have been mailed.
A friend of ours broke her leg in two places so while she was in a rehab facility Clark and Phil helped three others mow and weed whack her yard. It will need to be redone before she returns home in a month or two.

It was also the state Special Olympics softball tournament on Saturday. Clark and Phil’s team qualified for state a couple of weeks ago. I’m not sure they have ever played on the state level. Saturday was a perfect day, 70 degrees, for sitting outside and cheering on The Screaming Eagles for two games. They won the first game. Then came the second game a few hours later. Where had those giants come from who won their first game 18-0, who knew how to connect with almost any pitched ball and could throw the ball to first base before the cheering section could even open their mouths to tell the batter “good hit.” The other team won 10-2 and I am happy to report Phil drove in the two runs for our team. Win or lose “the boys” had a great time in playing and a great time in the retelling.

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