Monday, June 28, 2010

We're Back Home

We’ve been away from home for almost two weeks gathering memories from a family vacation. Paul and I had meetings at BYU-I for a few days so we headed to Idaho by van early one morning two weeks ago. While we were in Rexburg, Clark, Phil and C stayed with Uncle T and Aunt G. We had planned also to go to Utah to visit family and friends but our plans changed when we decided instead to go to West Yellowstone where we saw Beauty and the Beast at the Playmill Theatre plus three IMAX movies plus three documentaries on Yellowstone, bears and wolves. After two nights there at the Ghetto Motel which featured a bent and torn window screen, a large hole in one of the box springs, fitted sheets that had to be refitted during the night and were off again by morning it was time to move on. We spent a day in Yellowstone Park which was established by Congress as a national park and signed into law by President Ulysses S. Grant in 1872. As a result of that visitors from all over the world (more than three million last year) can enjoy the incredible diversified beauty plus the wildlife. We saw bears (black), elk and bison and grizzly bears and wolves in captivity. When we emerged from the park we found an abundance of “no vacancy” signs and had to travel 45 miles to Livingston in the dark, praying we wouldn’t hit a deer, to find an available motel. The next day we traveled home.

Clark and Phil missed two practices for Special Olympics softball last week while we were gone. This morning before Paul and I were even out of bed Clark showered and dressed, even putting on his shoes, and then came into our room with his baseball mitt. By the end of the day, though, he had had a few seizures and was not feeling well. While I am typing he is sitting beside me in a chair, asleep, while Phil is at practice.
Clark is watching me while I sort recycling and garbage in C's room.

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