Friday, June 4, 2010

It's That Time Again

Today is the annual Fathers and Sons outing at the Church Ranch. I’ve been hearing “I can’t wait!” with increasing frequency these past few weeks. Golf clubs came out of Clark’s closet on Monday to decorate his bedroom floor. Phil’s hand-me-down clubs came out on Wednesday. Prayers from Clark have been offered that the rain would stay away so they could go golfing. It was not looking hopeful early this morning but as the time for the three boys plus one good friend to leave approached the rains stopped and the sky lightened. Extra clothing was packed anyway…just in case. Now it has been three hours since they left. I am sure they are on the golf course making new memories that will be talked about as soon as they get home this evening and then tomorrow and then the next day. There was the time Phil took off in the golf cart and drove out of sight, returning in a few minutes with a dent in the back bumper. We'll never know for sure what happened. The manager forgave him and didn't even charge him for the damage.The next year Phil looked for, and found, the golf cart with the dent. After golfing they will go to the Church Ranch for a hamburger dinner. Instead of spending the night as many fathers and sons will do they will return home.
These pictures are from last year’s outing.

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  1. My boys had dinner with your boys this year! It sounds like it was another great Fathers and Sons outing.