Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Walk Through the Park

We took a walk through the park yesterday and then beyond. It is called Tucker Park—at least by our family and friends but we have allowed the city to give it a name also. We had been in the house too long and needed some exercise. Phil didn’t even say “I’m not going” when we told Clark and Phil they had to go too. We walked through the park where we saw lots of ducks, of course, and a cormorant sitting in his tree. We did not see any beavers since it was daytime but their lodge showed signs of recent activity. We also did not see the resident heron. We each picked up a leaf to serve as a boat for our race. We drop our boats on the count of three from the bridge and watch them snag on rocks, submerge, or bounce along on the top of the water. The first boat to go over the waterfall (maybe two inches in height) is declared the winner. Then it is on to a children’s park, a tennis court and through the woods before arriving at the back of the community center where the boys go to “Teen Club”, then along the side, through the parking lot, across the street and through Tucker Park again, not stopping this time for a boat race. This 1 ½ mile walk from our house and home again is filled with laughter as Paul chases Phil or hides and then jumps out to scare him. Clark does not join in. He is content to walk beside me. I suppose this entire scene will look the same in ten years and beyond.

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  1. Reading this makes me miss those guys! They are always so happy and full of life.