Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Picture Is Worth Many Words

Half Price Books is one of my favorite stores. I love any excuse to go there. I NEED four books for literary club so I went there this week and took Clark with me even knowing what our visit would look like. He wants to buy books, stationary (he likes to write letters to people)
and videos. So I spend my time saying no to most requests (even though he buys with his own money) instead of peacefully wandering and perusing and handling and sampling the words of books I might buy. But I knew what it would be like before I told him he could go with me. And I chose Clark. I looked for my books while Clark followed along making comments. I was unsuccessful in finding the four books but serendipity stepped in and I found a couple of gifts and another book I started reading a few days later. Just as I was getting ready to pay for my finds I found a book filled with pictures that I thought Clark might like. He did and has thanked me many times for the book even though he paid for it. He can read only a few words so books with pictures are important. He has poured over his book of animals many hours this week and we have looked at the pictures together and talked about each animal. The other night I was in bed reading a book on Mother Teresa when Clark came in as he usually does. Paul was still in the study. Clark went to Paul’s nightstand and picked up the book on Thomas Jefferson that he is currently reading. He stood there a while turning pages and finally said to me “Tell Dad there are no pictures in his book.”


  1. As a young child I loved National Geographic for one reason alone--the part I could learn the most from, of course. The pictures! Even now when I get our Nat. Geo in the mail I have to look at all the photos before reading any text.

  2. Clark used to subscribe to National Geographic but the magazines piled up because he didn't like to get rid of them. Maybe it's time to let him again.