Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday Was a Very Good Day

It was Clark’s 39th birthday. Lest we might forget Clark talked about his upcoming birthday for weeks before the actual day. The night before he was reminding his father “It’s my birthday tomorrow, Daddy.” And to me as I sat at my desk “I’m so excited for my birthday.” He didn’t actually think we would forget; he was just plain excited.

On Tuesday morning with the temperature outside at 15 degrees he was greeted with “Happy birthday” before he even got out of bed. The birthday person isn’t required to do chores that day. Of course the highlight of the day was the birthday party which started at 6:00. Before that Clark got to go to Sam’s Club with Paul and me and was treated to a cup of ice cream with berries.

Clark requested hamburgers and chips for the birthday meal with a clown cake for dessert (just like the year before and the year before that and...). After eating it was time for the opening of gifts. What do you get for someone who does not have many needs, wants or hobbies? He received pajamas, two movies, a calendar (from Phil), socks and a fleece jacket from one brother and his family and a gift card to Red Robin from the other brother and his family and a Target gift card from one of his sisters. He liked his gifts. During the party he had a couple of small seizures which caused him to act more subdued than usual but it was still a good day.

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  1. A happy, happy bealted birthday to Clark. I wish we could be there to sing to him.