Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Good Day

Today has been better and I have not felt annoyed. In fact we did something together that I almost always enjoy. Clark, Phil and I went to Sam’s Club this morning to fill the van up with gas and buy $243.56 worth of groceries. Phil always asks for the keys after we arrive there and then as we are walking the two minutes to the store he presses the lock button over and over until I tell him to stop. When he is through with that noise he claps his hands and yells in short bursts because he can hear an echo coming off the building. I know I should rein him in but I think it is funny. After showing my card Clark and I took off immediately with the cart and started loading. Phil always has to watch TV. The next time I saw him he had a twenty-pound box of laundry detergent with him. Clark and I had already put one in our cart but I decided we could use an extra box. After checking out we then did something we have not done in a long time. We each bought a hot dog and drink for $1.64. A typical jumbo size hot dog has 180 calories and 18 grams of fat. And that is why we don’t do this very often. Yum, it tasted so good with mustard and onions and relish spilling out all over. When we arrived home everyone pitched in and helped carry in groceries. I always appreciate their help! It has been a good day and soon I will leave for literary club to discuss Beowulf. I don’t think I have ever read it and was delightfully surprised to find myself enjoying it so much (translation by Seamus Heaney).


  1. It's so nice to have such great helpers around. And it looks like Clark has lost some weight since we saw him last (in 2002, I think).

    Beowulf is such a great book. My kids & I have really enjoyed reading some of the different translations together and comparing them.

  2. Clark has probably lost about 70+ pounds in the past three years. One of his seizure medications caused him to gain a lot of weight but he no longer takes that one but still takes four different ones for seizures both morning and night.

    Steve Done led our discussion on Beowulf last Wednesday night and did a great job!