Saturday, November 28, 2009

Decorating for Christmas

It is Saturday morning and the house is quiet. The boys are bowling and won’t be home until noon and Paul and I are in the study, preparing for upcoming lessons. I love the quiet made sweeter because of the principle of opposition in all things. I would not appreciate it as much if I didn’t know that soon there will be an explosion of noise and activity with interruptions and talking and requests (or demands).

Five or ten years ago we began the tradition of decorating for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving and it happened yesterday. Clark and Phil started getting excited BEFORE Thanksgiving so after the okay was given they hauled down boxes from the attic and put them in the front room and piano room. We worked most of yesterday afternoon. I have to admit our front room looked like an idyllic scene with a fire in the fireplace, Christmas music playing (Josh Groban and Acapriccio), egg nog being sipped and everyone together (at least the five of us who live under one roof). But there were also outbursts of impatience and reminders not to name call. Phil was easily distracted. After five or six hours we quit for the day (for sanity’s sake) and resumed today. In the midst of it all I ask myself if it is worth it (so much decorating and staying on top of reminders to help) so, a few years ago, I wrote on one of the boxes in big letters “IT IS WORTH IT!” And now after a few hours put in today we are finished and I can say with certainty “IT IS WORTH IT!” Now we have five weeks to enjoy it.Notice who is helping and also notice who is on the couch in back of Clark. Naptime occurred during decorating.

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