Thursday, October 1, 2009

It Is Time

I awoke early this morning but we didn’t get around to breakfast until 11:30. Phil had asked the day before (as he often does) what we were having for breakfast the next day. I told him eggs, something he loves. So at 11:30 I fixed scrambled eggs. Four of us sat at the counter and ate eggs and English muffins, hot chocolate and juice. It was a filling meal. After cleanup I went to my desk to do some reading but Clark was in the study and on his agenda was talking. I would read part of a sentence and Clark would say something. I would mumble a response and go back to reading, half a sentence, until Clark would start in again. I decided I was not going to succeed in reading at the moment so I went downstairs to fill a bottle with water. There was Phil in the kitchen finishing up a sandwich for lunch. We had just eaten but that doesn’t matter. It was 12:30 and time for lunch. Then it will be time for a nap even though he slept in. Phil is very much aware of time but Clark is not. He depends on me to tell him when it is time to eat (even though he is very good about snacking on his own) or time to go to bed. They may both have fragile X and IQs about the same but they are different in so many ways. After shaking my head at Phil and reminding him that we had just eaten breakfast I went back upstairs where Clark was still in the study in talking mode. After encouraging him a number of times to go take his shower he finally left the study and I went back to reading.

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