Sunday, October 4, 2009

An Excursion with Phil

Last week I had a short appointment at the dentist so I took Phil with me. That morning a lens had fallen out of his Dollar Store sunglasses so Phil wanted to go back to buy a replacement pair, maybe even two. My appointment was under 30 minutes during which Phil sat in the waiting room probably looking at pictures in the newspaper or magazines. As we were leaving we both received a key chain light from the receptionist. Phil loves key chains and showed obvious excitement at the unexpected gift. Our next stop was the bread store where we loaded up on bread to restock a few shelves in our freezer. Then it was on to one of our favorite stores, The Dollar Store. Phil did indeed buy two pairs of sunglasses, proudly modeling each, and I bought wrapping paper. As we drove home on this ordinary fall day I became aware of the leaves that were changing color, brilliant yellow now where there had been green just a couple of weeks ago, temperature in the 60s, not too hot and not too cold, clear skies, oldies music on the radio and my very happy son with two new pairs of sunglasses sitting next to me. There was simply no room for any sad or discouraging thoughts. For that short moment in the day all seemed right with the world.
This is a picture Phil took of himself with his sunglasses over his regular glasses.

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