Sunday, January 22, 2012

A First

All week the snow has been accumulating.  Streets have been icy and treacherous.  Paul and I are teaching a marriage class which was to begin on Wednesday evening.  It was canceled.  Thursday night we had a meeting which was canceled.  Though the snow is beautiful there have been over 2,000 accidents just this week due to the weather.  Thursday morning I had a hair appointment and because my hairdresser works out of her home and it is only a mile away I decided to walk.  I was accompanied by Paul, Clark and Phil who needed the exercise.  About a block from her house Clark had a small seizure so we huddled together and had prayer, hoping that he would not have a grand mal.  I took one arm and Paul the other and we continued to walk when suddenly he went into a grand mal and fell gently to the ground while we were holding onto him.  There were no sidewalks so we were literally in the middle of the street.  It happened in front of a house where a man was standing by his car.  He asked what he could do to help.  We told him a rag or towel would be helpful which his wife, who was still in her pajamas, handed out to us.  She also called 911 which we felt was unnecessary since we have seen and dealt with thousands of seizures but we didn’t tell her that.  Paul and I tried to shield Clark from the falling snow but there was nothing we could do to keep him from getting wet from the snow on the road.  Before the fire engine arrived the seizure was over and Clark was standing, disoriented and shaky.  Three firemen arrived, saw that Clark was not hurt and then offered to take him (and Paul and Phil who opted out) home.  I felt overwhelmed by Heavenly Father’s help which was not in the way I expected.  They got in the fire engine, Phil turned around and walked home and I continued on to my hair appointment.

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  1. Oh goodness, how scary. Glad you were helped by some good people.