Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Combined Effort

When you are married to a concrete sequential you can expect to see “detail the cars” come up on his radar once a year. Today was the day—a day scripted for car washing, waxing and detailing—70 degrees and sunny. The energy level was high when the five of us went outside at 1:30 to begin and completely gone when we picked up the last rag and put away the Turtle wax at 5:30. By then patience had been stretched so thin it snapped. I had taken out my CD player so we could listen to an eclectic selection of Brazilian music, Hawaiian music and music from the 60s. We sang along and did some dancing when we weren’t quite so intent on our own specific job. But even music didn’t help when the afternoon wore on and on. Was it worth it? We saved hundreds of dollars and probably did a better job than a professional detailer but most important was the working together as a family. And the cars do look great! And we don’t have to do this for another 12 months.

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